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Bass Connoisseur, Producer, DeeJay, Roman Emperor these are just a few of the titles I fulfill for my role as CAB 3. I am indeed a long-lost descendant of Caesar Augustus himself, but in my interest of arts and music, particularly bass music my name reflects my interests and rule as such. 

To truly explain my story through time, we must go back to 20-50 B.C. during my time of original existence to where I was introduced to a young man who wore strange clothes and could not  speak Latin, but indeed had a palm-sized device with characters of a language I had never seen before reading "WALKMAN." He also had a device that was placed upon the head and ears and was a connected by string to the WALKMAN. When pressing certain parts of the WALKMAN with the head device on, amazing sounds were generated that I had never heard in all of my days. This young man described some of them to be "hip hop" and also "bass music" and even "drum and bass." 

I was amazed at the sounds I heard and signaled that he must be from a far-away land and there must be a way for me to harness this energy for me and the people of Rome. By special means of communication, he relayed to me that he is indeed a time traveler, and offered to bring me with him albeit a short amount of time into the future, to his land, his people and the amazing music generated by the "WALKMAN."

Now after several years of learning the English language and learning the amazing advancements in music of the current day, I Caesar myself am able to recreate the amazing sounds from not just the WALKMAN, but other mediums of SPOTIFY, 

BEATPORT, iTUNES and all the like. Unfortunately I cannot bring these sounds back to my time because of the lack of electricity in my day....but now I create for you, the people in your time and age, bass music from many different genres. As there are only two true genres of music, that is "good" and "bad."  I Caesar only create "good"

I Caesar do this for you, the people from Rome to the rest of the world. 


M M X X I I 

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